Shoved into the Kingdom (aka, my testimony)


The one piece of advice I would give anyone – other than start scrapbooking, of course – is this: don’t become a Christian. It’s a pain in the ass.

For one thing, your life is never the same again. It gets risky because there’s suddenly this other person that you have to trust. You find out that He can absolutely be trusted because He’s all things good, but at the same time, He doesn’t seem to spare you from any of the agony.

So there’s reason one. At least if you’re going to go through bad things, do them on your terms, right? Continue reading

Felicity Jane * Prayer tags


If you’re anything like me, you have quite a long list of people you like to mention to God in your prayers each day. Or when you pray… I mustn’t pretend praying for others is a daily thing for me!

Anyway. I wanted to make something to help me remember the people on my list: those in my life who I know are going through stuff at the moment… the friends who are unwell; the ones who are pregnant; and those I know are struggling a little bit with the things life’s slinging their way. Continue reading

When shopping is a problem


Friend, there’s no way to sugar-coat this: if your shopping’s a problem, you already know about it. You just know. Sorry about that.

I could devise a quiz of the “Can you get through a day without acquiring something? Do you have things in your cupboards that you’ve not taken out of their packages?”– variety, but the truth is, if shopping’s got you hooked, you already know about it. You may not want to address it, but you do already know. Continue reading

Project Life confessions


Oh dear: this one’s going to end up being as outrageous to some of you guys as that whole ‘I pull apart my layouts’-kerfuffle, but as honesty has kind of become my thing, I shall brave the drop in temperature that may result from your collective gasp at quite how deep my crazy runs.

The thing that’s *really* annoying me is this: my parents were just not thinking of my future creative endeavours when they photographed my childhood. Continue reading