Fomo? No, just fear


So a study has found that the mental well-being of English teenage girls is worsening, with links to ‘social media pressures and the near-constant use of mobile phones’.

I’m not surprised. But I am scared.

I’d hoped my troubling experiences of social media were due to my being a non-digital native, an oldie – and a sensitive one at that – like those funny folks before me who demonised the radio and refused to own a telephone. Continue reading

Too many me’s


I’ve wanted to get my thoughts down about this for a while, but haven’t really know how to put it into words.

You see, it’s a weird thing that happens when you get a little bit known in this scrap world – and I’m not saying ‘a little bit’ as a pretence at fake modesty, but as a genuine acknowledgement of the facts… I’m only a little bit known, here and there.
But it’s still weird. Because you start getting comments like, “Oh, that means a lot coming from you!” ‘Coming from you’: like I’m someone special. It makes me wonder how the real scrapbooking stars must feel – I bet it can get quite lonely up there on those pedestals.

Continue reading

Meditation for Faith Scrappers


I thought I’d share the meditation I’ve written to read out at the start of each Faith Scrappers session. I plan for us to sit quietly after our initial coffee time and have a time of relaxation which will lead into our Bible journalling time.

Each week I’ll choose a different passage for us to meditate on. Here’s the relaxation chunk that I’ll read each time, in case you want to use it for your group too… Continue reading

Bible Journalling group plans


I’ve been thinking about doing this for some time: starting a weekly small group at our church where we can have a go at Bible Journalling together.

I don’t know if anyone will turn up, but I’ve advertised it locally – on the village facebook group and in local churches – and I figure if no one does show up, I’d only be scrapbooking at home anyway, so may as well plug my radio in at church instead… ha ha! Continue reading