When you don’t feel enough


Full disclosure: I’m in a bit of a wobbly patch. No idea why.

We ladies are such a wonderfully crazy cocktail of hormones, it’s almost not worth trying to work out what’s going on sometimes, right?

Anyway. I just wanted to share that really… not in order to garner (ooh, big words today) support or anything like that, just to be real. Because you can go to bloglovin‘ and see all those countless blogs full of such seeming happiness and creativity, that you can just kind of exhale and wonder what’s wrong with you, you know? Continue reading

When you’re just plain tired


The thing is, even if this scrap thing doesn’t pay as such, we kind of make¬†it¬†a job for ourselves, don’t we? Keeping up to date on all the latest product releases, design team announcements and project news; making sure we’ve watched all the latest¬†youtube processes and left hearts in the right places on¬†instagram;¬†replying to¬†comments and¬†answering messages,¬†not to mention the actual work of adding content¬†to our own channels and blogs where we can.¬† Continue reading

How to get over a scrap crush


Let’s talk scrap crushes (and no, for once I’m not talking about Wilna).

I’m thinking¬†about stuff: that thing or range that you just can’t stop thinking about. That scrappy item you think about and google every time you have a spare moment.

That product that you just know would make your life so much better, would make you so much happier… would – probably¬†– be the last thing you’d ever purchase, so perfect is it. Continue reading

Getting on top of things


Getting on top of your ‘to do’ list – does anyone ever manage it? I’m not sure I do. If I make the beds and do the washing up, there’s almost immediately another meal to prepare and a room being played in (and for that, read ‘destroyed’).

So how do we cope with feeling like we never quite get life under control? Having struggled with this one for a while, I have a few¬†tips… Continue reading

Dear younger me


Dear younger me,

I’m writing this to you from the top of the hill. Because you feel like you’re climbing one, don’t you? That you’ll never reach a place of calm and peace. Here’s the good news: you do.

So I just wanted to drop in and tap you a note and maybe give you a few pointers. Continue reading

Planner makeover


I blame Prima. Their latest planner line is just swoon-some. I suddenly desperately needed one… only I’m not doing all that shopping for things I don’t need stuff anymore (did I mention that this resolution sucks at times?)

Anyway. I was going to get that cute black and white vibe happening near my planner if it killed me. So after hours spent surfing Etsy for a ready-made one (why that doesn’t count as shopping, I’m not sure), I made my own: here’s what I did… Continue reading